Recommendations for Medical Cannabis

We realize there are many doctors offices in San Francisco that write medical cannabis recommendations, and we accept recommendations from doctor's offices all over the state. However, not all clinics are the same. Working on this side of the industry, we see HIPAA violations and other's carelessness with patients sensitive information on the internet. For these reasons, we want to recommend a few reputable doctor's offices for those new to cannabis, or those looking for a new doctor's office.

We are looking for doctors who make real, whole body focused recommendations; offices that treat patient privacy as priority and follow HIPAA guidelines and industry standards; and established clinics that issue recognizable, easily verifiable recommendations. 

If you prefer to obtain a recommendation from your personal physician, but s/he is unsure of the procedure, your doctor can simply fill out CDPH Form 9044

Qualified Cannabis Recommendation Clinics

Compassionate Health Options - 1200 Howard  St. - 877.535.3801

Greenway - 965 Mission St. Suite #550 - 415.777.0157

Green Evaluations - 1855-A Haight St. - 415.831.1032

MMJ Doctor - 1884 Market St. - 415.554.0171

Presto Doctor - ONline REsource 

Meadow MD - Online Resource


We also realize  that there may be conflicting information out there about who is qualified to write a medical marijuana recommendation. For your convenience, we have compiled a list, but the detailed letter of  Prop 215 is accessible for all.

Who is qualified to write a medical marijuana recommendation?

·  Medical Doctor (MD)

·  Osteopathic Physician (DO)


Who is NOT QUALIFIED to write medical marijuana recommendations? 

·  Physician Assistant (PA)

·  Osteopathic Physician Assistant (OA)

·  Naturopathic Physician (ND)

·  Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP)

·  Psychologists (PSY)

·  Chiropractors  

·  Herbal Therapists


What you need to be a caregiver

As a caregiver of a medical marijuana patient, in order to pick up medication, you will need a letter from the recommending physician designating you as caregiver, or Page 4 of CDPH9042  signed by the physician, the patient, and caregiver.

On the initial visit, we prefer the patient to accompany their caregiver, but if that is not possible, the caregiver must bring the patients Medical Marijuana recommendation and California ID.